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As with all costume jewelry, we advise you to avoid contact with water, perfume and cosmetics as much as possible.

It's these little everyday habits that will keep your jewelry in perfect condition. For example, avoid wearing your jewelry when you're exercising, showering or doing household chores.

If you come into contact with water, wipe your jewelry with a dry cloth or towel, for example. You should also get into the habit of storing your jewelry in its small pouch to protect it from light and moisture.

In some cases, depending on the type of skin (with perspiration or skin acidity), the gilding may tend to "fade" more quickly. In this case, don't hesitate to contact us to make use of our guarantee (see below).

To clean your jewelry, we recommend using a dry cloth or chamois leather. For silver-plated jewelry, you can also rub it with a little 90° alcohol (use sparingly) to restore its shine.


Most of our rings and bracelets are adjustable, so there are no size restrictions.

Would you like to have your ring sized before shipping? No problem at all! You can leave us a message and tell us your size when you place your order.

A little trick to find out your size: Take one of your rings and lay it flat on a ruler. You can then count the number of millimeters between the two edges. The number you get is the diameter of your ring ;)

We advise you to fit the jewel only once, to avoid weakening it.


For us, it's very important to encourage the most responsible consumption possible by offering you sustainable, quality creations. That's why all our jewelry is 100% guaranteed.

If you have a problem with your jewelry, don't hesitate to contact us! We'll do our utmost to offer you a suitable solution: a repair, an exchange or a new gilding.

All our repairs are free of charge.