ADJUSTMENT & maintenance


The rings and bracelets are adjustable.

We advise you to adjust it carefully the first time and not touch it afterwards.

Indeed, a too frequent adjustment can weaken the metal. 

If you already know your size, you can leave us a message before payment and we will adjust it for you !


Each jewels need a special care.

Here are some advice to keep your jewels in perfect condition!

To maintain the gilding intact, we advise you to avoid as much as possible every contact with water and cosmetics, and not to wear your jewels while sleeping or doing sport.

It is also preferable to keep your jewels in their pouches and if possible not to mix gold and silver colors’ jewels.

Don’t forget that these advice can considerably extend you jewels lifetime.

For cleaning, we simply recommend you to use a dry cloth.


Our jewels are 100% under guarantee.

For any repair, don't hesitate to contact us and we will do the necessary.

Regarding the gilding, if you think that your jewel has lost its color, do not panic! The gilding may lose its shining aspect over time or if your jewels are exposed to moisture.

Send us a message, we will make a new gilding for free in gold or silver to allow you to keep it as long as possible.

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